Digital Innovation

Basic Hand

Basic hand is a custom made mechanical device. It is specially designed for performing basic daily tasks such as eating, writing, and more. This device is equipped with unique detachable pieces that are made for each specific task. To ensure easy use, wearing and removing the basic hand is a straight forward process. The light weight of the material guarantees patient’s convivence while wearing it.  


This is 3D printed prosthetic arm that has the ability of performing much wider range of tasks. It uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to perform movements such as opening, closing and rotating the hand. This allows easy control, when grabbing objects for example.The most special feature about this product is its light weight. It was designed to weigh about 900g only.


a virtual reality training system that is designed for rehabilitation process. This product is equipped with a software that provides visual feedback for amputees. It shows a virtual hand controlled using their muscle signals. Another feature of this product is that it shows amputees signal power and determines the best place to attach muscle sensors.