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Meet Alkilany

Alkilany is a working-class employee in the General Electricity Company Benghazi. He has worked there since 1992. Back in 2004, on a normal working day, Alkilany had a work accident which caused him to lose both his arms. Ever since his life has taken a different path and it has completely changed. Despite the hardships he has gone through, Alkilany has never lost hope or determination. He continued working, driving and playing with his kids as any father would do. 

In 2017, we got to meet Alkilany for the first time, that is when he told us about his story. We were impressed by the amount of satisfaction he has and the hope he never lost. Therefore, we decided to take part in his story and start his journey towards recovery with him. In May 2018 together we managed to launch our first smart prosthesis which was designed to suit his body shape and movement directions. Today, Alkilany is one of our major supporters, influencers and our first success story!