Who We Are?

Our Mission

There are currently over 6000 amputees in Libya! 30% of the total number of amputees are an upper-limb case.  At Abhath, we provide smart prostheses to the ones who are in need. We help people lessen their pain and perform daily life activities easily


Preparing a fully equipped laboratory  for research and development, providing the latest technologies for 3D printing and artificial intelligence

Providing more job opportunities through training and employing 13 engineers to work as researchers

In May 2018, with the support of National Instruments, a research firm launched its first product and installed the first industrial party at a ceremony held at Benghazi Central Medical Hospital. The event was covered by local and international press

Our Core Values

  • Equal Rights: In Abhath, we believe that all citizens have equal rights to work, to learn and to perform their daily tasks without worrying about any complications
  • Social Responsibility: Since the establishment of our social enterprise, we have devoted all our work to the community in general and persons with disabilities in particular
  • Good Health: We aim to help amputees on their way to healing with the least physical and psychological conflicts by providing free training on how to use our prostheses and raise awareness
  • Economic Growth: One of our main objectives is to localize prosthetic production, which will help amputees avoid treatments abroad, increase manufacturing units in Libya, and thus directly improve industry