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Abhath for prosthetic technology 

"As I got the chance to get a prosthetic arm. I wish every amputee can be given the chance to have one"

– Alkilany

One of our amputees


Our Story  

Abhath is a Libyan social enterprise that serves amputees who seek to promote their capabilities by providing them with smart prostheses. We aspire to produce a high tech prosthesis that is one of its kind in Libya. It was established in 2017 by a group of aspiring engineers who have a one thing in common; the passion to help people.

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A short film about Abhath enterprise for bionic prosthetics technology.


Alkilany is a working-class employee in the General Electricity Company Benghazi. He has worked there since 1992. Back in 2003, on a normal working day, Alkilany had a work accident which caused him to lose both his arms


In Abhath we belive that technology could be used to help transform people’s life.

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